West Custom Hardwood Floors


plank-200Long Length Sculpted Plank

A process that is hundreds of years old duplicated today following the same methods used before electricity. Every board is individually sculpted to a unique appearance leaving your floor with a signature of its own.




pattern-150Ornamental Design

Pattern flooring can be woven of many species, shapes and sizes to add a unique texture to your home. Custom inlays and medallions add flair to focal areas. Chic modern metals, exotic hardwoods and intricate laser cut inlays are a few artful additions that will highlight any room.



color-150Custom Finishes

We offer complete customization of color using various techniques to achieve your desired final product. We offer many hardwood finishes that add depth and luster to your floor, including Eco-Friendly solutions. Hardwood finishes are offered in many levels of protection. We will work with you to build a floor that best suits your home and lifestyle.



hardwood-200Hardwood Refinishing

The removal of old and worn finishes reveals fresh hardwood trapped beneath the surface, eager to be restored.

Height and Sound Resolutions

We can help you solve the issues of hardwood sound and height restrictions. With new innovation in hardwood design and construction, there are many alternatives available to solid hardwood that meet specific building height and sound requirements.

Hardwood Maintenance

From screen and re-coats to an oil and wax polished system, we offer a full line of professional upkeep programs to maintain the natural beauty of your floors.